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Cleaning work

Cleaning with rainwater in industry or agriculture

Especially in the commercial sector, it is a good idea to wash machines, tractors, trailers etc. with rainwater. This quickly adds up to a few liters that can be saved. Especially if there is a large sealed area that needs to be drained.


Large rainwater harvesting systems



Anyone who regularly cleans their industrial or agricultural machinery, tractors or trailers knows that several hundred liters of water are quickly consumed in the process. Regular cleaning can lead to considerable costs. Our individual solutions for rainwater harvesting in industry and agriculture offer an efficient way to save money in the long term. This not only protects the bank account, but also the machines themselves, as rainwater is softer than drinking water and therefore also protects the machines. In addition, a well thought-out rainwater harvesting concept can significantly reduce the rainwater charge that is incurred in many places for large, well-used areas.


We offer various large-scale systems for the use of rainwater, including underground storage tanks, cellar tanks, industrial storage tanks and multi-purpose barrels that are specially tailored to the needs of industry and agriculture.


We will be happy to clarify whether a large rainwater harvesting system is worthwhile for you in a non-binding consultation.
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