Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater cisterns

Think carefully about what you bury in the garden. Using our RTMO as an example, we will show you what distinguishes our underground tanks.


Rainwater column tanks

News from the inventor of the rain barrel

Back in the 1980s, we were already ahead of our time: the classic rain barrel that everyone knows today was in fact invented by Speidel. The further development is the rain column.

Our Rainwater tanks

Ways to use rainwater

With a rainwater harvesting system you can save up to 50 Percent of your daily fresh water consumption.

Making clever use of rainwater

Usage methods

All methods of rainwater harvesting.

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The tanks from Speidel offer significant advantages over other types of tank:

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Wastewater costs are incurred among other things by purification of the diluted sewage and storm water in the sewage system.

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Concrete cistern or plastic tank?

Advantages of a plastic rainwater storage tank compared to a classic concrete cistern.

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Large-scale systems

Size does matter. Rainwater harvesting systems have gained importance especially for public buildings, and for industrial and commercial activities.

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