Use rainwater with Speidel

We invented the rain barrel and have been manufacturing PE plastic tanks for collecting rainwater since the 1980s. Rainwater columns, underground storage tanks for home and garden or complex large-scale systems for industry and agriculture for sustainable rainwater management you can rely on.

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Drops of water on blades of grass

Rainwater cisterns

The principle of our tanks simply explained and illustrated

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RTMO – Rainwater cistern

Our cisterns won't leave you out in the rain

Longevity is reassuring, which is why we guarantee a choice of repair or material replacement for 25 years.

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Details of a rainwater cistern

Rainwater column tanks

News from the inventor of the rain barrel

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Rainwater column tanks in different colors

Complete kits

The complete rainwater harvesting system

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CGI-Model of a complete rainwater harvesting system