The best way to water large garden areas is to install an underground tank. Using our RTMO as an example, we will show you what distinguishes our underground tanks.

Think carefully about what you bury in the garden

The indestructible underground tank from Speidel is made of high-quality PE plastic and is Made in Germany. Massive reinforcing ribs and the thickest walls of all PE rain tanks make it so robust that we can ensure the proverbial Speidel quality for 25 years.

It's all about the technique

Size alone does not matter - this also applies to our tanks. They offer enough space inside and thus installations of different technologies can be flexibly designed, no matter which combination you choose.

Installation technology

  • Manhole basket filter

    Low-maintenance filter basket for installation in the tank dome.

  • Inflow stilling system

    Prevents the churning of the water, inlet is adjustable in height.

  • Overflow siphon

    The overflow siphon serves as an odor trap and better drains suspended solids.

  • Divertron garden pump

    Divertron garden pump automatically turns on and off when opening and closing the tap.

  • Siphon/filter unit

    The filter cartridge cleans the rainwater and the filtered dirt is discharged into the sewer system.

  • Domestic water withdrawal kit

    The garden extraction set consists of a water socket for Gardena connection, 12.5 m PE pipe and suitable clamp fittings for connecting the garden pump.

  • Home and garden water withdrawal kit

    This kit contains a floating water withdrawal kit with DN32 PE pipe, 15 m and additional accessories for the installation.

  • BFK domestic water system

    With the BFK system you get a powerful pump including a pressure switch control according to DVGW regulations.

Hopefully it will rain soon

The complete sets include everything you need to get the water in and out of your rainwater storage tank. So you can be sure that everything fits together perfectly. In addition, when you buy a complete set, you save money again compared to buying the individual components.

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Standard Garden

  1. 01 Underground rainwater tank with walkable cover
  2. 02 Manhole basket filter
  3. 03 Inflow stilling system
  4. 04 Overflow siphon
  5. 05 Rodent screen
  6. 06 Divertron garden pump
  7. 07 Garden water withdrawal kit, 12,5 m

Home and Garden Comfort

  1. 01 Underground tank with cover
  2. 02 Manhole chamber
  3. 03 Siphon/filter unit
  4. 04 Filter back-flushing system
  5. 05 Inflow stilling system
  6. 06 Domestic water withdrawal kit 15 m
  7. 07 BFK domestic water system
  8. 08 Labelling kit

Our tanks

Our thick-walled and stable cisterns are available in various sizes and shapes. So even with small gardens or narrow plots you can benefit from the advantages es Speidel tanks. But they all have one thing in common: thick walls and solid feet.