Operate your washing machine with rainwater

When properly installed, the use of rainwater in the washing machine is completely safe. The bacterial count of soiled, unwashed laundry is the same as the bacterial count of rainwater. So after washing, everything is not just clean, but pure. And if you live in an area with highly calcareous tap water, the softer rainwater from a cistern is often even better for the laundry than the hard tap water.


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The use of rainwater for washing laundry has a number of advantages. On the one hand, the use of rainwater with the help of a cistern naturally enables a considerable saving of rainwater and thus also a reduction in water costs. Furthermore, compared to hard and calcareous drinking water, rainwater is soft and lime-free, which enables savings of up to 60% on detergent. In addition, there is no need to use fabric softeners as the laundry is automatically softened by the soft water. The use of rainwater also reduces wear and tear on the washing machine.

A widespread myth is that rainwater is impure, unhygienic and full of germs due to the lack of drinking water certification. In fact, the exact opposite is true. In a properly installed water supply system, rainwater is one of the purest forms of water. The rainwater falls germ-free from the sky and is fed into the cistern via the gutter through several filters. Due to the cool and dark storage, all germs settle on the water and bind with suspended solids, which are removed from the cistern by the overflow siphon. This means that only natural, pure water is used for washing, whereas drinking water only acquires its quality through the addition of chemical substances such as chlorine.


Installation is usually straightforward, as the washing machine is usually located in the basement and therefore at the same level as the cistern. In addition to the cistern, only a domestic system pump and a separate pipe are required.


Using rainwater for washing laundry is a sensible consideration for anyone who is planning to install a cistern or already has one. In the long term, this installation can save a lot of money, while the laundry will be hygienically clean as usual.
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