Large systems
for the utilisation of rainwater

Size does matter

Rainwater harvesting systems are not only important for public buildings, industry, agriculture and commerce, but also for the environment. Significant water savings can be achieved by utilising rainwater, which in turn contributes to the sustainable management of water resources. In addition, such systems help to reduce the pressure on drinking water supplies and thus ensure the availability of drinking water for human consumption. Overall, rainwater harvesting systems play an important role in promoting environmental protection and sustainability in various sectors.

This offers the following advantages:

  • Relief in the calculation of impermeable area (split wastewater fee)
  • Savings on valuable drinking water and drinking water costs
  • Using soft water reduces the use of detergents and leaves no lime spots on workpieces or vehicles
  • Possibility of providing large quantities of water in a short time
  • Here we show some examples where this has been done. We will be pleased to plan and deliver your large-scale installation. Please ask us!

Examples of use

For cooling or cleaning industrial production facilities, watering plants and green areas on farms or similar customised solutions for the commercial use of rainwater:

Underground storage tank

4 x 10,000 litre

Four RTMO rainwater cisterns, each with a volume of 10,000 litres, to supply an agricultural farm with rainwater for watering plants and cleaning equipment.

Modul mit vier RTMO Erdspeicher je 10.000 Liter

Basement tanks

5 x 1,500 litre

Five Basement tanks, each with a volume of 1500 litres, installed in an industrial plant for cooling machines.

Modul mit acht Kellertanks je 1500 Liter

Industrial storage tank

8 x 10,000 litre

Eight upright industrial rainwater storage tanks, each with a capacity of 10,000 litres for large quantities of service water tanks. Installed in a warehouse for cleaning production parts.

Modul mit acht Industrielagertanks je 10.000 Liter

Multi purpose tanks

6 x 8,000 litre

Six multi-purpose containers, each with a capacity of 8000 litres, installed in a basement of a production hall for the industrial cleaning of parts.

Modul mit sechs Industrielagertanks je 8000 Liter

We are also happy to plan and deliver your large-scale system.
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