Regenwasser Kühlwasser für Maschine

Cooling water

Cooling machines and buildings

Machines and buildings in industry are often cooled with water. It's good to be able to use free rainwater for this. We also cool our own machines with rainwater, which we collect in a Speidel rainwater harvesting system.


Large rainwater harvesting systems



Large industrial productions usually invest a lot of money in cooling entire buildings or individual machines. This very often results in high water consumption and therefore high costs. Additional costs are usually incurred for the treatment of drinking water, such as chemical softening and desalination, as drinking water is enriched with minerals in waterworks before delivery. The use of rainwater offers a decisive advantage here: it not only saves the costs for the water itself, but also for its treatment and discharge. In addition, a large-scale rainwater harvesting system makes a significant contribution to climate protection. This can lead to financial savings, especially since the introduction of CO2 certificates


We offer various large-scale systems for the use of rainwater, including underground storage tanks, cellar tanks, industrial storage tanks and multi-purpose barrels that are specially tailored to the needs of industry and agriculture.


We will be happy to clarify whether a large-scale system for the use of rainwater is worthwhile for you in a non-binding consultation.
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