Rainwater cistern - the PE underground storage tank from Speidel

For garden irrigation of green areas, the underground tank is ideal as a rainwater storage tank through to a large rainwater utilisation system.

Using our RTMO as an example, we will show you what characterises our PE plastic cisterns.

Think carefully about what you bury in the garden

The indestructible underground tank from Speidel is made of high-quality PE plastic and is Made in Germany. Massive reinforcing ribs and the thickest walls of all PE rain tanks make it so robust that we can ensure the proverbial Speidel quality for 25 years.

Plastic rainwater tank "Made in Germany"
Thick-walled with reinforcing ribs
Robust and durable: Speidel quality for your garden

It's all about the technique

Size alone does not matter - this also applies to our tanks. They offer enough space inside and thus installations of different technologies can be flexibly designed, no matter which combination you choose.

Installation technology

Hopefully it will rain soon

The complete sets contain everything you need to get the water in and out of your rainwater storage tank. So you can be sure that everything fits together perfectly and can be used for your garden irrigation or home technology. What's more, buying a complete set saves you even more money than buying the individual components.

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Standard Garden

Watering gardens or green areas with lawn sprinklers, for example.

  1. 01 Underground rainwater tank with walkable cover
  2. 02 Manhole basket filter
  3. 03 Inflow stilling system
  4. 04 Overflow siphon
  5. 05 Rodent screen
  6. 06 Divertron garden pump
  7. 07 Garden water withdrawal kit, 12,5 m

Home and Garden Comfort

Garden irrigation, toilet flushing, washing machine or for household cleaning.

  1. 01 Underground tank with cover
  2. 02 Manhole chamber
  3. 03 Siphon/filter unit
  4. 04 Filter back-flushing system
  5. 05 Inflow stilling system
  6. 06 Domestic water withdrawal kit 15 m
  7. 07 BFK domestic water system
  8. 08 Labelling kit

Making clever use of rainwater

Save up to 50 % of your daily drinking water consumption with rainwater management from Speidel. This can be up to 70 litres per person per day if you use rainwater for the toilet, washing machine, watering the garden or washing the car.

Our tanks

Our thick-walled and stable cisterns are available in various sizes and shapes. So even with small gardens or narrow plots you can benefit from the advantages es Speidel tanks. But they all have one thing in common: thick walls and solid feet.