Advantages of our
rainwater cisterns

Everything speaks in Speidel’s favour


  1. Oval manhole
  2. Maximum stability
  3. Carrier handles
  4. Absolutely watertight
  5. Suitable for drinking water
  6. Lifting eyes

Compare carefully!

The tanks from Speidel offer significant advantages over other types of tank: The double-insulated cover with child-proof lock, for example, is already included in the price of Speidel underground tanks. And without doubt the thickest walls of any PE rainwater tanks. Other benefits of our rainwater tanks can be found here.

Speidel Regenwasserzisternen aus Kunstoff: Trinkwassergeeignet, umweltfreundlich und stabil

Environmental protection

We not only sell products with environmental benefits. The responsible use of the environment and resources is also an important concern in our works - both from the economic as well as from the ecological point of view. Apart from using the waste heat from our rotary ovens to heat our workshops, we use the rainwater for our machines, toilets and tank cleaning. Furthermore, we use only CO2-free electricity in both works. Thus through our company we comply with the latest environmental requirements and can make a great contribution to maintaining a healthy environment.

Purifying drinking water

Regardless of whether you are filling the paddling pool or watering your tomatoes: we are the only manufacturer to use exclusively food-grade PE to make our plastic tanks. This is why our containers, in contrast to others, are KTW certified and thus suitable for drinking water. Very reassuring!

Thick-walled and stable

We do not skimp on materials: Speidel produces the thickest-walled of all PE rainwater storage tanks. Together with the ribbed design and massive feet, you can be sure that your tank is stable and remains that way.

Made in Germany

We manufacture our containers solely in our main plant in the Swabian town of Ofterdingen. On the one hand this ensures German jobs, on the other hand the quality, too.


The solid feet ensure stability during installation and storage. In addition, the rib design ensures the stability of the tank after backfilling. And if you have planned on extending your tank system, you will definitely appreciate the tank's optimized flat faces.

Ovaler Domschacht für Speidel Regenwasser-Erdtanks

Oval manhole

At first glance this detail may not appear to be so spectacular, but on closer inspection the manhole on the Speidel underground tank is an excellent example of the practicality of our designers: The oval dome shaft with its step tread all the way round allows entry into the tank despite the tank equipment being built-in.

Absolutely watertight

Speidel tanks are manufactured in one piece without welding.  This is why they are so watertight. For where there is no seal, nothing can leak.

Child-proof cover

The screw-on cover is double insulated and with Speidel is already included in the price of the tank. Its stainless steel, child-proof lock will not only keep your children out but your grandchildren, too.

Speidel plastic cisterns carrying handle

Carrier handles

Two lifting eyes and four handles on all sides make for easy transport and handling. If necessary, the underground tank can be carried by four men on the spot and positioned there.


Those who want a Speidel tank, want it fast. Just as well that our modern manufacturing facilities with four rotation moulding machines can ensure quick delivery even at peak times. So you do not have to wait long for your new Speidel container. We also have a close-knit network of dealers throughout Europe and a great number of distribution depots. We not only deliver quicker than others, but this often also benefits delivery charges.


The indestructible underground tank from Speidel is made of high-quality PE plastic. Massive reinforcement ribs and the thickest walls of all PE rain tanks make this cistern very robust and durable. Therefore, we can also ensure 25 years of optional repair or material replacement.


The Speidel brand has stood for containers for generations. In our tanks and containers, people produce and store drinks they make themselves and use rainwater. Wineries, municipalities and medium-sized industries make use of our experience in solutions for high-quality, sophisticated containers with all that this entails. We consistently focus on quality materials made of tested, food-grade stainless steel and plastic. At Speidel, quality is not just a phrase, but the focus of our daily activities.


The underground tanks from Speidel can be flexibly adapted to your needs by using different modules.

The retention module turns your underground tank into a detention tank with freely selectable, useable volume.

With the drinking water module, you can safely use your underground tank for drinking water storage.

The patented groundwater module provides reliable protection against any level of groundwater.

Lüftungshaupe für Speidel Abwassertank

By means of the sewage module, your underground storage tank can be used as a closed cesspit.

More information about the many uses of underground tanks can be found in the online shop.


Speidel tanks are designed so that expanding the system is not a problem. With the expansion kit available as an accessory, you can connect several tanks together and, as in this example, easily make a 30,000-litre unit out of three 10,000-litre tanks.

More about our large systems:

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